Highly invasive snail spotted in Kerala

This is the first time that this species of snails has been reported in the State of Kerala.

A tiny snail with a striking, pellucid golden-yellow shell has been found in the Edappally canal in Kochi. It has been flagged as an invasive species which could play havoc with native ecosystems.

  • Researchers have found an acute bladder snail Physella acuta in the Edappally canal in Kochi. This is the first time this species of snail has been reported in Kerala.
  • Physella acuta is considered native to North America but it is now found in all continents except Antarctica.
  • This snail has been globally considered as a highly invasive species. Its rapid growth rate, air-breathing capability, and tolerance to pollution makes the Physella acuta a potential competitor to native fauna and hence it could disturb the native ecosystems heavily.

This snail species is host to worms that can cause food-borne diseases and skin itches in humans.

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